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7 Jun 2022

Should I give up?

I am confused about the topic or what I will be free in the future on this blog. can someone give me some advice? like

"You should discuss or blog about this, many readers want to know about it"

and I'm confused I've posted a few blogs but it's always not crowded, from discussing "crypto" and to the topic of "self". Well, to be honest, I want my blog to be crowded with readers, but judging by the comments or likes, only one person supports me. should i give up? or keep doing the blog as usual?

I don't know, I'm also confused, I hope you guys can give me a little advice on what topics are discussed and updated in the future.

should I give up? well this goes against the topic of what I posted a few posts ago. maybe this is jealousy or something, I want to be visited and liked by many people.

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This isn't jealousy at all; of course you want people to read what you have written!! Here are some of my tips: 1. Don't give up. 2. One of the ways I like to frame my blogs is that I am sharing an insight on what I like to call 'pain points'. Our world is full of problems and I like to provide what I think is a good solution. An example: Entrepreneurship is a solution to the constricting job market. And even if I'm not resolving problems, I'm making the community aware of them - See my post on global food shortages for an example of this. 3. Another way to frame your blog is to share what you have learnt from your personal experiences. I particularly like this topic because you have plenty to talk about. So if you have a passion for crypto, maybe you might write something like - "How I started my crypto journey", or "top ten things to avoid when doing X". Or perhaps you can talk about life/careers generally - Personally I find that these types of posts are more popular because everyone can relate to them. 4. I like having a mix of topics - Some on personal lessons, some on law, some on economics, politics, AI, supply chains etc. Having a mix is always a good way to keep people interested.
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