From Grass to Grace

8 Aug 2022

Today's text is ironic in nature. Haman had come to seek the consent of the king of Mordecai to be hanged but got a different task to honour the same man he sought to kill. It does not matter what type enemy has planned against you, God will give him another task to ensure your promotion. Earlier on, Modecai had ensured the safety of the king by exposing the wicked plot of two of his eunuchs, but was not rewarded for his noble act. Most times our rewards do not come immediately when we expect it but at a more opportune time. Mordecai's reward was performed and executed by a man who appointed himself his enemy. God shall use your self appointed enemies to ensure your breakthrough this season.Even Haman's wife and wise men prophesied that he would not prevail against Mordecai. God will raise support for you in the gang of your enemies. A king with all the comforts attached to his title, was sleep deprived because someone's breakthrough was at hand. In this season of uncommon fruitfulness, you shall be raised from grass to grace , from disappointments to favour.

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