Does the busier you are, the more money you make? Or the more leisurely you are, the richer you will

12 Sept 2023

I always feel that I should be very busy, because when I am free I always feel that something is wrong. Seeing that my friends around me are busy, I always feel guilty when I have no time. I don’t know since when, society has been advocating that being busy is the right thing to do, especially in big cities. If you are not busy, you will feel guilty.

I see my friends around me starting to shine a little bit one by one, and seeing how busy entrepreneurs are, I should also find something to do and be busy together. Why are you so free? No wonder you are so poor. This sentence has been imprinted in our heads since childhood, but you know what? There are more people with money and freedom in the world than you can even imagine. Next, I will use three points to tell you why 88% of people in the world become poorer as they get busier, while 20% become richer as they become more leisurely.

First, money has nothing to do with busyness. First of all, we must figure out whether being rich is really related to being busy. the answer is negative. Having money means doing the right thing. Aren't you usually busy? I can tell you some are very busy too. But do they have money? Not really, that's because they are too busy and it doesn't bring any help to make money, and it doesn't mean anything to wealth and freedom.

I want to convey a concept directly to you, that is, don’t just focus on work, but focus on things that can really bring you wealth growth. Because being busy does not necessarily lead to financial freedom, you know? In fact, many entrepreneurs are not necessarily busy. Even if they are very busy at work, they still know how to find people to help them complete those trivial things. The price is only a small amount of money, because their time is precious and they will not waste their time completing trivial things.

Instead, spend some money to ask others to do it for you, and concentrate on planning the general direction, discussing performance, cooperation, and decision-making, which are more core tasks. Because only by knowing how to use a team can you make your business bigger, what we need to do is to identify why we are so busy in advance. Is it because there really is a lot to do? Or is it because I see you are very busy, so I should also be busy. If you are the first type, there are many important things to do, and they will bring you growth or career growth. So congratulations, you are busy in the right direction. And according to my experience, most of them are very busy, not because there is a lot of core work. They are particularly busy because they wanted to look good the previous time, so they were busy to comfort themselves.

This also comes to the second point, pretending to be busy, but actually being lazy. The laziness I feel is not in action, but in thought. In fact, being busy is just another form of laziness, because they don’t want to think about how to make progress, don’t pay attention to their financial situation, and use busyness to hypnotize themselves, tell themselves I am also working hard and fighting every day. In fact, I have not really thought about methods and how to solve the current financial problems for a better life.

For example, John is an office worker. He wakes up very early in the morning and is busy preparing breakfast, taking a shower, eating breakfast before going to work. He gets home at six o'clock in the evening to cook and clean, enjoying a short period of quality time. On the surface, John looks busy and hard working, but he actually chooses to ignore thinking and introspection.

You have already seen this, please read it patiently, you will gain something.

For another example, Bob works in the catering industry. From the kitchen to the counter, he does every small task himself and never thinks of asking for extra help. I didn’t really put my energy into how to expand my business. I just started and finished work repeatedly every day. It seemed that I was really struggling for a living. The reason why these two types of people are so busy is the same. They use busyness as an excuse to avoid problems. Not only do they say goodbye, they are also hypnotized. Because they don’t want to face the really important issues in life, they actually know deep down that they are avoiding something very important. This is the most common manifestation of laziness. The busy body is just to cover up the laziness of the mind.

In fact, I used to be like this. I felt that being busy is what you should do when you are young. Sometimes when you are free, you feel that if you are not busy, you are not making progress. Because of this, I was busy in the wrong direction. I spent too much time blindly working for others and busy with other dreams, instead of figuring out what I really wanted. I haven’t really thought about the methods that can bring me wealth and freedom and how to practice it, so sometimes I might as well stop and think about whether the life I have now is what I want. If you could replicate your current life twenty or thirty years later, would you still want to continue living it? If you realize that you are not busy with the real core work, you might as well outsource these less important tasks to others. Allow yourself to focus more on what is right.

Third, scarcity mentality, you are busy because you are afraid that you will have no money, but you know what? The more afraid you are, the more you set an example and lack the negative energy of your mentality, that is because the universe has the law of attraction.
Why do people who have money be so idle and some still make money lying around? It’s because they have a rich mentality. And this positive energy will bring about a positive cycle, causing them to become richer and richer. On TV we often see that the second generation of rich people are all prodigal sons. They are all uneducated, but is this really the reality? In fact, you can observe the rich second generation friends around you, or those rich second generations who have not been reported. Most of them can usually inherit the family business well or even do better, and the most important point is that the concepts they have been taught since birth are different from ordinary people. Ordinary people have been unconsciously influenced by the people around them since birth, and this influence is deep-rooted. Mostly, you have to do this to avoid that.

Let me give you an example, have you ever heard the saying that you can only become rich if you work hard? Either you are very free if you are poor, or you need to major in college to increase your income. This is the belief we have been implanted in since childhood, and it has been deeply embedded in our subconscious mind. In life, this subconscious mind affects all the decisions we make in our lives. But have you also heard that the rich school system is used to educate the poor? What I tell you is true, they do not use school education, but education with a rich mentality, and this is how they educate their descendants. They will not work hard with their children to make money. They will create a job where they can make money even while sleeping. They will not be idle. They will use their free time to stop and think. They will not know what major they should study to ensure a stable income. They will know that continuous learning is the secret to doing big business. People are generally afraid that they will run out of money if they stop what they are doing, and they are afraid that they will lose something if they stop being busy.

If you only focus on certain tasks that seem complicated, you ignore the things that can bring you financial freedom. The price to pay is very high, because the time cost has been wasted first, if you know that your knowledge in a certain field is lacking. Then you should find books or experts in that field to supplement your knowledge, or even pay for relevant courses or books. As long as you feel that the value he provides is worth the money you have to pay, then it is impossible to spend anything else.

But if you want to learn relevant knowledge without spending money, it is also very convenient in this Internet age. As long as you are willing to spend time, it is not difficult to become more professional.

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All the richest people in the world work leisurely as they have set up systems that get busier doing the work
Good article. For me 'laziness of the mind' and 'rich mentality' come hand in hand.
I will take the latter part of the title as the best way to live life
Do what you love and you'll never work a day in your life so I guess being busy sometimes can be some form of slavery cause people these days get paid to have leisure
It all depends on how you have worked before now and how you schedule your time.
Blog BIT
The point about a rich mentality is fascinating. Indeed, success often starts with one's mindset. Cultivating a positive, growth-oriented mindset can lead to more opportunities and financial well-being.
You get to have more money if you work smart and not by being busy or relaxing frequently
The relationship between busyness and wealth is a complex one. Some find success through relentless work, while others prioritize balance and leisure. Ultimately, financial prosperity can be achieved through various paths, each with its unique set of trade-offs. What matters most is understanding your own values and finding a lifestyle that aligns with your definition of wealth, whether that's measured in money, time, or both. In the end, it's about living a life that brings fulfillment and happiness.
Nice article. It's a though provoking read which is the best type of read on bulb imo
The emphasis on investing in knowledge is crucial. Lifelong learning is a path to personal and financial growth. Whether through books, courses, or other means, continuous education is a powerful tool.
OK. Now I I'm confused. Should I be busy or not? Go to work or stay home? Am I lazy or smart?
Our life is the time span between two events we don't have any choice: birth and death. There is no freedom between these two. We obey the laws of physics and maths, and are given the little choice how to think, speak and act between the two. Our only freedom is the freedom of will, so we can succeed as humans to justify this gift of being alive. The purpose of life can't be anything that perishes: progeny, wealth, monuments, nourishment, titles, achievements, but only something that would be an everlasting recompense: having thought, spoken and acted in a manner that would grant as the reward that doesn't perish. So living this life we shouldn't think, speak and act in a way to deprive us from the final and Supreme reward.
To be successful depends on how best you manage your opportunities