9 Jul 2022

Marriage is coming together of a Man and a Woman to become Husbands and Wife, it is a union ordained by God.
Marriage is not all about raising children as some people rush into.Marriage is all about love maturity and affection for each other. Some of the mistakes we young couples do is getting married because we have money, so when the opposite gender fails to carry out his/her obligations that is when there's a problem in the union and it tends to collapse and that leads to a possible divorce. 
In my conclusion, I would say that we shouldn't rush into Marriage without mental maturity because it's a lifelong relationship. We should know our partners fully well before going into a relationship with them, and we should pray and ask for divine intervention from God to avoid some uncertainties in the marriage. God bless our marriages, Amen. Thank you.

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best day in couple's life
Marriage is the best thing
The psychology of married men is like going to a restaurant with friends. You order the food you want, then you see the dish the person next to you wants and say, "I wish I wanted it".