Can a person live a happy life, it depends on his state of mind

21 Dec 2022

In this life, many times people cannot do their job, there are many things to think about in life, and there are very few times when you can think freely.

Today's young students pursue different types of education according to their choice like some like to become engineers and some like to become scientists and some students like to learn and earn technical skills instead of going to universities, but your parents always feel that your work is unstable because parents care about their children all the time, If you earn less than your work, you will not have enough money in the future to live a comfortable life, that's why it is said that you should always do what gives you comfort and prosperity.

Everyone in this world wants to marry the person they want, that's why it's important that we don't fall for what people say and do not marry to that person we don't like. If you like someone then there will be no problem in marrying him.

Sometimes it's like falling into an abyss, a light comes in, and you have to follow the direction of that light.

You want to do yourself well, but your heart is spare, and your strength is insufficient. Many things cannot be decided by you. But if a person always cares about the eyes of others in his whole life and forces himself to do something he doesn't want to do, then his whole life will be meaningless.

You must learn to release your heart, learn to accept your ordinary life, even if you are ordinary, you must be a unique person; you must learn to live in the shadow of other people, don't always compare yourself with others. Just be yourself.

Don't force yourself to do things you don't like because of someone or something

It seems that I am always doing some things I don’t like to do. I don’t like doing homework when I am studying, but even if I stay up late at night, I have to complete my homework. The month is full of attendance; when you reach the age of marriage, you don’t want to get married, but you have to enter the palace of marriage.

Many times, people are indeed doing things they don't like to do, but this is the responsibility that comes with being born as a human being.

There are some things that can be avoided, that is, caring too much about the opinions of others. People are already very tired of living in this life. Because you care about others and force yourself to do something you don't want to do, then your life will lose its meaning and make you more miserable.

Release your heart, learn to accept yourself, and be a unique person

There are many arrogant people, and there are also people who can't accept their ordinary life. For example, many people with depression just can't get away with it. They can't accept many things.

Every depressed person has endured a lot of things that ordinary people can't imagine, but when these things are picked up as jokes by others again, their hearts will suffer a lot, and they will go to extremes.

Many times, you don’t have to take some things that make you painful. You have to learn to let go, learn to accept your normal life, and just be an ordinary person. It is really more important to live happily than anything else.

In fact, many times people live in the shadow of others. When others are excellent, they have to work hard. When others are rich, they also force themselves to work day and night. I think, the days to live for myself are really very few.

Maybe people really shouldn't spend their lives like this, just be yourself, there's really no need to live in the shadow of others, everyone is different, and there's no way to compare.


What is happiness? When one day you no longer have the burden of other people on your body, you can simply live, accept everything about yourself and live for yourself. Maybe you are happiest when you work hard.

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