Good bye 2022

3 Jan 2023

365 days and God has been so good
I can't even start to explain his goodness
He has made everything wonderful to his own perfection, even when I felt lost and empty, he always showed up.
He has been there each step of the day
Even in my weakest moment, days I couldn't
sleep, when I was too worried, days I felt very low in spirit, even with all the struggles, God has been there all along.
And even for the beautiful moments, the
wonderful memories, the perfect days, for the angels we lost, for the people that left, he maketh it to the perfection of our journey and his purpose for us.
Grateful for all the growth, I have grown so
much in every aspect of life, things I didn't
even believe would happen this year but God made it all possible, for every beautiful soul I have worked with, for even the littlest
accomplishments, for the little things that
didn't even mean a thing For all the blessings that came my way, for
the amazing people in my life, for family, for
friends. All of it I am grateful.

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