It's the little things that make the biggest difference.

22 May 2023

This is my one of best school days story one of my teacher told every time we think what we do small things it will not that much great but the result was very good just we should start that's it.
This is the story for the example ;
A man was taking an early morning air cruise at Samudra Dandegunta. Then hundreds of starfishes came with the sea screen and fell on the bank. As soon as the screen moved in, the starfish were dying due to the rays of the sun. Before this, while they were still alive, he picked them up one by one and started washing them in water. Seeing this from a distance, another man came up to him wondering what he was doing. He didn't ask him, "What are you doing?" When there are hundreds of starfish here, how many can you throw into the water to survive? It doesn't make much of a difference if you do this. Even if everyone does small things, they all add up to make a big difference.

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