My love story

27 Jan 2023

Hlo guys today am tell you about my love story in which two characters have one me and my lover too ..haha am just joking so let's start guys me and my frd who is my lover too now we both meet at school when we are in 10 th class .yeah this is my bachpan wala pyar haha. We both meet in our class room and we are normally friends that time .but am feel about her and this is my best feeling ever and she is so beautiful ❤️ am never explained her in words .she talk with me am feeling shy that time because am not expecting that time she talk with me.we go for walk daily because she live near my house too.we are play on daily basis and in one day she is not coming school and am very worried about her
Yeah am worried because she usely never miss school and that day am go there house and meet her and am give her my notes of class work and am in evening take her playground to talk to her.this is very feeling ever and suddenly our school day and class is passed am thought to purpose but that day my board class first am focus on my study than after exam and purpose her..that day am waer black shit and pant.she is in red fronk .she look very say her i love you my sweety at first she is very shock but after sometime she reply noo.yeah guys she say no but am try and try we are now clg guys we both join same clg and yeah this is my decision to studying with her. In my clg day am never disturbed her and never talk to her .after that she noticed me one day she come and say I just want to talk to really happy that day we talk lot of things about school day and offourse my purpose she remembers that too .on this day am repeating my word i love you that day she say very surprised... because at first she say no and today she is my girlfriend now we are getting married i love her very much ..she love me tooo.guys join me on my wedding thank you guys

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