Dear Teacher

12 Jul 2023


how are you friends? Hope you all had a great day. I am well with your blessings and God's grace.

Today, he suddenly wanted to go back to his childhood education. Where there was no worry. Sometimes skipping school. Then the teacher's love quarrel. No one does those rules now. It was very boring then. And now I wish I could get back that childhood school life again.

Dear Teacher:-


A school has different teachers for different subjects. But not all teachers can be ours. Among many teachers, some occupy our minds. We all have such favorite teachers/teachers in our school life.

An ideal or favorite teacher can be one who can interact with the student with a childlike mind. But yes there is a certain boundary between teacher and student.

Did you have a favorite teacher like that?


Yes, I had a favorite teacher. Whom I always put in mother's seat. He still holds that position. I belong to Sanatan religion, and my teacher was Muslim. But to a teacher, his students are only like his children.

These qualities were in that teacher of mine. I used to skip a lot of time even though I had less studies in other school subjects. But I never missed my dear teacher's teaching.

An interesting moment with the teacher:-

I was studying in class IX. Creative education policy was introduced in Bangladesh for the first time in that year. We were the first batch of creatives.

Everyone is very worried. There are new rules in education policy. Teachers are sometimes trained in creativity by the government. Only one month left for first session exam.

My dear teacher is also very worried. Because of the new method, how students will participate in the test! Anyway, I gave a lot of attention to my studies. Exams are just around the corner. My dear teacher did well in my subject test.

Thus the examination of all the subjects was completed. About a week of school holidays. Hardly any time to get in touch with books. I haven't had a holiday for a long time, so I'm busy with sports.

I didn't know how the school holidays ended. Then it's time to give the exam results. The teacher and teacher of each subject come to the class and give the result along with the report card.

Dear teacher, I was a little upset after seeing the subject result and report card. Because I thought I will get 100% marks in MCQ. But when I checked the notebook, I got 100% marks. One mark has been deducted due to mistakes in the answer sheet.

Then I showed the matter to my dear teacher. He was much happier than me. We made a bet with dear teacher. If one gets full marks then dear teacher will give whatever he wants.

Now we all started shouting in the class room. A portion of our market has just been electrified. The fridge is also brought to the store, there is ice cream in the fridge. I now sat down and asked everyone in our classroom to eat ice cream.

Then the teacher called the shopkeeper and we all went and got ice cream.


I will say one thing, not everyone can become a teacher just by sitting on a chair and teaching students. To be a teacher you have to read the minds of students.

This is where I end today's post. See you again tomorrow with a new article.

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