Polyverse | Revolutionizing Blockchain Gaming with Experienced AAA Studio Team

9 Feb 2024

Introducing @0xPolyverse
A blockchain game built for 2 years on Wax with a team from giant gaming industry Rockstars.
Lets dive into it

What is Polyverse about?

An MMORPG game in development since 2022, endorsed by Wax and chosen as one of the 21 node validators.
Polyverse striving to transform blockchain gaming by offering an immersive and secure experience.

Team & Backers

Led by Vittorio Conti, former @RockstarGames
team members, veterans from GTA5, and Red Dead Redemption 2, these game titles enjoy immense popularity.

Polyverse boasts a top-tier team from AAA gaming studios.
With over $1.5M secured in funding from private investors, the team intends to launch its token of the Polyverse ecosystem.

Game features

Polyverse constructs a unique universe fraught with crises, encompassing alien invasions, radiation fallout, and a robot rebellion. Along with:

• In-game currency with potential token integration.
• NFT staking to unlock game access and rewards.
• Enhanced NFT utility featured in token sales.
• Seamless blockchain integration for a streamlined gaming experience.

Mint Details

They have hinted about the Polyverse Pass collection with details:

Supply: 888
Price: TBA
Date: TBA

The project has a solid foundation, especially with its experienced team from AAA gaming studios. The concept of building a distinctive universe with various crises and immersive gameplay elements is intriguing. Additionally, integrating blockchain technology, NFT staking, and in-game currency adds layers of depth and engagement for players.

Official Links

Website: https://polyverse.gg
Twitter: https://twitter.com/0xPolyverse


With a limited supply of 888 polyverse is looking to offer an amazing gameplay experience as a browser game which will be interesting to see in the web 3 gaming community.

With an experienced team spearheaded by an ex rockstar ambient director, Vittorio Conti…Polyverse aim is to bring about smooth blockchain integration, NFT staking for game access and enhanced utility in token sales.

The whole team secured funding of over $1.5M with the vision of enabling a vibrant community with top notch collaborations and rewards and incentives for tournaments within the community.

Disclaimer: This post is solely for informational purposes.

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