How to know your value ??

20 Dec 2022

Today i will tell you a short story on how to know your value.

Once upon a time a man goes to lord budhha and asks " hey lord budhha what is the value of a human life " budhha smiled and gave him a precious stone and said go and find the real value of this stone but do not sell this stone on any cost. The man takes the stone and gone without saying any word.
Then the man goes to the market to finf out the real value of the stone, so firstly he goes to the fruits seller and asked " what is the value of this Stone " Seller said give me this stone and i will give you a sack of fruits. But the man said no and gone .
Then he goes to another shop of a vegetable seller there he ask about the value of the stone and seller says give me this stone and i will give you the whole sack full of vegetables man again says no.
Then he goes to a jewellery shop and ask a jeweller about the value of the stone jeweller was shocked when he sees the stone and says i will give you 1 lakh gold coins if you give me this stone but man again said no but again jeweller try to offer big amount of 5 lakh gold coins but again the man said No .
Now the man goes to a businessman and asked about the value of the stone, the business was shocked after he saws the stone and its brightness and told this stone is very precious and there is nothing that could match his value.
So man takes this stone and walks to lord budhha and lord budhha ask about the value of stone so man tolds the whole story.
Lord budhha says " The people around you will cost your according to their knowledge and status but you and everyone in this world are very unique and has mire value than anything else and their is nothing that can match your value" .

So guys never be disappointed everyone is unique and only we have to find the uniqueness.

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