Finding purpose and meaning in Life

19 Mar 2023

A successful career, a loving family, and a strong social network may appear to be the recipe for a perfect life. Even those who can check all of those boxes may feel as if something is missing—and that "something" is their life's purpose. "Finding your purpose" is more than a cliche or a pipe dream that will never come true. It is, in fact, a tool for living a better, happier, and healthier life that far too few people attempt to use.
It’s clear that it’s important to find purpose and meaning in your life. But purpose and meaning is not something that can be determined quickly.

Listen to feedback
It can be difficult to recognize the things you are passionate about at times. After all, you probably enjoy a variety of activities, and those activities may have become so ingrained in your life that you are unaware of their significance. Fortunately, others may be able to provide some assistance. You may already be displaying your passion and purpose to those around you without even realizing it. You could reach out to people and ask them what reminds them of you or what comes to mind when they think of you. You could also take note when someone compliments you or makes an observation about you. Make a note of your observations and return to them later.


To be continued...

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