17 Sept 2022
      Have you ever imagined a world without time? People would be so late; so late that no-one would achieve his/her goal or reach the end of life's race.

Time has always been an essential constant in achieving goals. 
       Time is the progression of events from the past into the future. Time moves only in one direction. It's possible to move forward in time, but not backward. Scientists believe memory formation is the basis for human perception of time. 
Definition of Time: 
Time can be defined as the continuing and unlimited progress of existence and events in the past, present and future. It has been confirmed that in order to maximize your life in the fulfilment of destiny, you must use time profitably.
 The following are key thoughts on the use of time:
1).Time can never be stored, conserved or preserved.Time is a perishable material. It can never be stored, conserved or preserved.
2). Time is a vehicle that conveys you into your future without your permission. 

Time Management: 
     Time management is the coordination of tasks and activities to maximize the effectiveness of an individual's efforts. Essentially, the purpose of time management is enabling people to get more and better work done in less time. 

The Importance of Time Management: 
      Time management skills are essential because few, if any, of us ever have enough time to do everything that is asked of us, or that we want to do. People who are good at time management are good at getting on and doing things. They are also, however, better at prioritising, and working out what really needs doing—and then discarding the other things. 

The Benefits of Good Time Management: 
    When you know how to manage your time effectively, you can unlock many benefits. These include:
1). Greater productivity and efficiency.
2). Less stress.
3). A better professional reputation.
4). Increased chances of advancement.
5). More opportunities to achieve your life and career goals. 

       It is important to note that tomorrow will surely come whether you like it or not. By this time next year, you will be one year older than your current age. This is because time is a vehicle that carries you into your tomorrow without your permission. So, to waste time is to waste life.
Maximize your life by making profitable use of your time.
Remember this: Time is a vehicle that conveys you into your future. 

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