4 Oct 2022

Chance is the possibility something will happen especially something you want. Sometimes it might happen by accident or without intending to happen.

Chance is sometimes about an opportunity, as in getting a chance as a newbie to be selected for a job position in which you do not have experience in.
Sometimes it's could be luck, that you got that position, without so much stress.

You could meet the love of your life by chance, or it could be like you once chatted with him on the grams or Twitter before meeting each other.

Sometimes the word chance implies danger, like taking the risk of investing in a short-term project without carrying out due diligence and knowing more about the project, a chance is never a sure thing.

Chance could be an unknown and unpredictable phenomenon that the possibility of future success is thin. Like leaving everything behind and migrating to another country for green pastures.


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