One samai

29 Oct 2022

Some people weather and digest storms, the next takes the form of a vast ocean, some people collapse due to storms, and some people learn from others how to digest storms. Anutai Wagh, a great social worker and educationist, who throughout her life performed a jnanayajna at Kosbad Hill near Dahanu for tribals, has to be included in the first category. His death shook the hill of Kosbad and all the tribals in the area were shocked. Anutai's death marked the end of a fasting life. Growing up in the company of the great educationist Tarabai Modak, Anutai's whole life was a perfect combination of sacrifice, hard work and selfless service. He got married at the age of only thirteen. Even before they knew what marriage was, i.e. in just six months, the thorn on their foreheads was erased forever by fate. The fortune teller game is broken; But little Anu digested the grief like heaven. Digested the crushing storm. Tarabai wiped the tears from his eyes. Crushing the mountain of grief under her heels, Anutai stood with great determination, never to be defeated. He started studying himself. He obtained his degree by studying abroad. He accepted the vow of taking Gyan Ganga to the homes of numerous tribals who were crushed in the social system. He started working as a worker in a pre-primary school started by Gram Bal Shiksha Kendra and after the death of Tarabai became the director of the institution. He later transformed Tarabai's sapling into a banyan tree. Different ideas, different fields for learning and constant new experiments were the trinity of his work. Anutai sheltered countless tribal children who were losing their lives in search of bread and walking around with the curse of poverty on their foreheads. It fed the boredom of Maya and ignited the flame of knowledge in countless minds. Expressing various forms like teacher, guide, activist, thinker, writer, she earned a good position among tribals. 

It is so easy to impart practical education to the tribals wandering in the wilderness; But imparting formal education that is conscious and useful in life is very difficult. It requires foresight and drive, both of which Anutai possessed. Therefore, they did not face any problem in doing different experiments, nor did they have to translate the western curriculum. They never realize that primary education is a solid foundation for overall education and life "He did not forget that he did not care about the direction of education. He worked as a samsai who brightened the temple in his slow light. Banana. Family and honors came to them and they brightened themselves. They did not need any recommendation for the unparalleled work they did or did not need an award. His work was to go ahead with the award, which is why the honor of the ideal teacher, Padma Shri, Dalititra. Wandering in search. 

Along with education, Anutai has done a great job in other fields as well. 'Besides education, he has done child welfare, education for the deaf and dumb, women's development programme, elimination of superstitions, cleanliness. He also worked hard on family welfare, health etc. He did all the things necessary to make a good citizen. Many experiments at the same time were also the nature of his work. Because of this, not only in the country, but also in foreign organizations and activists in the field of education, the hill of Kosbad has been continuously attracted. It is very difficult to work in the field of education and to choose tribal areas for that. Even those for whom the vow of education is to be carried out are opposed to such work in the initial stage. Custom, tradition, ignorance and superstition are the reasons behind it. Moreover, the status quo society often creates obstacles in this work. Overcoming all these things, Anutai did the job of preserving the lamp of knowledge and removing various kinds of darkness in the minds of many with absolute attitude. On his own strength, he saw a beautiful dream in the field of education. It was realized. Sometimes under a tree, sometimes in a manger, sometimes on a wooden floor, and sometimes in a hut, he spread knowledge with great persistence. Put the lamp of knowledge in every house Sometimes he did not, but made himself a lamp. He poured the oil of his labor into it, lit it with accomplishment and kept it burning throughout his life. After an incessant struggle of five or six tapas, this Samai on the hill of Kosbad is now extinguished. So if only the hill is moved, if the eyes of the tribals are watery, then it will be a tribute to all of them to preserve the footprints of Anutai. 

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