The more “quiet” people are in trouble, the easier it is to succeed

27 Jan 2023

Calmness is very important in this impetuous era. In this fast-paced era, most people only look at the results and not the process, which leads to many people doing things in extreme ways, so that they can quickly complete things.

But the quality of that work is not very good, that is to say, in an impetuous era, doing things in an impetuous way is not efficient. Efficiency is not only speed, but also quality.

The more “quiet” people are in trouble, the easier it is to succeed

Quiet means thinking about ways

Before something happens, don't panic, calm down, think twice, let yourself have a way to retreat, let yourself think clearly about the interests, and let yourself be able to consider the overall impact of this matter. All these things can only be thought clearly after being quiet.

Impetuous means that the brain is hot, just like the computer becomes stuck and cannot operate efficiently after the computer host becomes hot. Keeping your brain calm all the time is a sign of success and a required guide for people who can succeed. Only if you learn to calm yourself down, you can see what's behind the event.

Calm yourself down, let your heart be like an ancient well, and don't make waves when you encounter bad things. Thinking about things in this state can make yourself more effective.

Quiet means not afraid of difficulties

Quiet does not mean inaction, does not mean fear of difficulty, does not mean retreat, quiet is to allow themselves to be in a better state to face what is coming.

It's like a soldier who is about to face a war, preparing for the war, calming himself down, letting himself consider every possibility, so that he will not panic after an accident. People choose shortcuts in their lives to deal with different pressures, which is not the right way.

If you are used to this way of handling things, then you will find that your future path more difficult. In this way, you can't achieve success. You should know that life is hard, so keep your thinking positive so that you can succeed.

Quiet people are often full of energy, always ready to use this energy and to turn this energy into a means to go in order to make themselves better and work hard.

Quiet means seeing difficulties as a practice

Quiet people are powerful, and people cannot judge its character. Quiet people see difficulties as a practice, so that they can face every difficulty on their own.

Such people are self disciplined. They can enable themselves to gain their own "pure land" in a fickle society, so that they can have more opportunities to get what they want. Only then can they gradually use their power to achieve success.

Every successful person can calm himself and he always tries to keep positive thinking. Thinking is indispensable in human society. Without thinking, he is no different from animals and loses his competitiveness with others. In this way he can never understand the cruel social reality and cannot live a peaceful life.

Let yourself become calm, let your mind become mature, and let yourself have thinking. Thinking is the weapon of today's people, and those who arm themselves with thinking are invincible.


In an impetuous society, it is very important to be able to calm down. We are inseparable from thinking in the process of life and doing things. Thinking determines a person's way of doing things.

And if you want to make yourself successful, you have to learn to calm down, let yourself learn to think with your brain, and learn to calm down in order to make yourself successful.

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