Dear Mama

4 Jan 2023

What will I write today?

Dear Mama,
Since you passed, I have had questions, thoughts, and regrets. I am writing here because I know you read these things, and I am sorry I was not the son you thought I was. I know, it is not as bad as I think it is, but I am still not who you thought I was.

I remember those prayer points where you'd thank God for a son that didn't cause trouble, smoke, or drank his destiny away. I smoke, but it's quite a handful of times, I can actually count. But you see the drinking? I've loved it, and I am sorry, I am not as prudent as you thought.

I was in love once, and I am still in love with her after you warned me to leave her alone. You have met her a couple of times, and you like her too, I couldn't bring myself to tell you she is the one.
More Mama, I am sorry for the whore I am about to become. You never raised your son like that, but these streets be wilding to be in love Mama, Maybe someday, someday in the future.

Your Son.

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