Family Bond

2 Nov 2022

One of the best presents families can give to one another is time spent together. Spending quality time together not only strengthens and builds family ties, but it also gives everyone in the family a sense of security and belonging.

According to research, when families participate in enjoyable activities, kids not only develop crucial social skills but also have stronger self-esteem.

1 Strong family ties also foster better behavior in kids, enhance parent-child communication, increase academic success, and teach kids how to be excellent friends.

You have a significant impact on strengthening and preserving these familial ties as a parent. However, developing close familial ties is not always a natural process. It may require extra effort to find time for your family in our busy daily life. Commit to these 10 crucial habits if you want your family to have this solid foundation.

Schedule Family Time

Whether you have school-aged children or teens, it takes planning to make sure you're getting enough quality together time.
Set aside time for family. Look at everyone’s schedule to see if there are any blocks of time that can be designated family time. Try to select a regular night, maybe once a week, when the entire family gets together for a fun activity. By keeping this night on a regular schedule, everyone will know that they need to keep that night clear for family time.
Plan outings. Another way to incorporate family time into your schedule is to plan regular day trips. If this is something that sounds fun for your family, try to plan the trip at least one month in advance. Post it on the family calendar and make sure that everyone is aware of the plan.
Make new traditions. Use your together time to create family traditions, like carving pumpkins every Halloween or picking the first strawberries of the summer season together. Some families enjoy attending the same local festival every year or entering a 5K walk or run together.

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