21 Feb 2023

With the way things are going, you may just have to wonder why life itself has lost meaning or might just think "what's the need to keep existing", i mean the fact that putting food on the table or even having a shelter over your head might just be the next impossible thing.
But then, will you give in to these thoughts? Cause the moment you do, your mind becomes accustomed and programmed to function that way. It's no news that the mind is the greatest asset any human possesses. Once an obstacle is first overcome in your mind then you'll see yourself working and taking actions to overcome it physically.
For example, if you find standing up from the bed and doing your daily routine, your body will function on the basis that it's a great deal to move and you wouldn't even move an inch, but when you have dealt with all excuses and things that makes you see getting up from your bed as a huge task, you'll see yourself taking actions.

So go at it again, apply for more jobs, tell yourself you can make it, act and improve, never be scared to make mistakes, refuse settling for less, deal with excuses and procrastination, continue, be consistent and determined, focus, create a plan, work towards it, you may not accomplish all but the most important thing is to take a step and continue, then you might just figure out how easy things have been.

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