28 May 2024

I'm tired
I'm stressed
I'm sad
I wish this was a bad dream and I'll wake up
But it's reality
Life happens right??

My first blog and I just want to write from my heart because that's just how I feel
I just want to be happy
I just want my loved ones to be happy
And in this very moment, I just have to be there for myself and my loved ones
I have to be strong
I have to smile to give others courage
It hurts

And I cry so much when no one sees me
I'm in pain and I just hope everything will be fine sooner

I know I'll laugh again
I know I'll smile again
I know I'll be happy again
Everything will be fine again
It'll go away soon

I wish I had someone to lean on
So I just Decided to share this with my bulb community
And I feel better......

Just joined this community today and I'm super happy.
I can't wait to explore!!!!

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