Everything will be for good

25 May 2023

This is my life lesson story and lotmsitivity I got from this story , always think positively the face it every thing tell by this story.

A king had an advisor. He always followed the king. What was his loving advice to the king always? One day the king went hunting with him saying, "Everything that happens will be for good". Unfortunately, one of his arrows hit his leg and injured him. Then he did not ask why this happened. As usual, the counselor did not say. "Everything will be for good". He got angry and put him in prison. Once again the king went hunting without an advisor. Unfortunately he found himself in the hands of man-eating animals who decided to cook him for dinner. They are as usual before cooking him. The animal to be cooked was thoroughly inspected. Because, the animal they eat must be whole. When the king was examined, he was wounded by an arrow and was crippled for life. Seeing this, the animals considered life unfit to eat and left it again in the forest. He survived because of that injury Then he suddenly realized. What his advisor was saying was true, even the advisor escaped death because he was not Jai.,😃

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