D³ (Decisions Decide Destiny)

10 Jan 2023

A person's current state of life is as a result of one decision or another, meaning, life is shaped based on the DECISION(s) you make.

To overcome fear of uncertainty about your goals, form a habit of penning down your plans and tackle them one at a time, because YOUR progress no matter how little matters. And whilst you're at it seek God for direction and clarity to accurately discern what you heard from him.

These 5 key decisions will help each and every one here fulfill their destiny

1. Take God seriously.
2. Be intentional about the relationships that will help you walk the path of destiny.
3. Get a Mentor that will influence you positively.
4. Inculcate the habit of seeing and professing positive things
5. Renew and revitalize your mind.

*The Interesting part about the meeting*

The core feature of a Wife is based on her ability to support her husband's destiny and vice versa.

So *Husbands*, do not be lazy, neither proclaim dominance over your wife, just as you love and cherish yourself, she being your half and the flower you were mesmerized about, before paying her dowry, continue to see her that way.

I wish you a blessed evening


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