Coping with shame

4 Jan 2023

Explore your shame
The first step toward overcoming your shame is to comprehend what it is all about. This is critical because you will not be able to heal from your shame unless you recognize it for what it is. Understanding where your shame came from and how it influences your current decisions (via emotional memories) can help you gain perspective on your shame and stop it from ruling your life. Paying attention to your emotions in different situations is one way to recognize your shame. When do you experience feelings of shame? And how do you react or feel differently when you feel shame?
If you're not sure, try writing about your feelings of shame in a journal. You could write about events in your past that made you feel ashamed or that still influence your feelings of shame today. Write down any feelings or thoughts you have, as well as how you reacted to a previous situation.

Embrace your shame
Now that you've identified and acknowledged your shame, you can work on embracing it. While it may seem counterintuitive, it is necessary to bring your feelings of shame out of your internal world and into the light of day in order to heal. When doing this work, it's natural to want to put up defenses and barriers. As a result, it's critical to show yourself love and acceptance, as well as surround yourself with people who will do the same. You require a safe haven and a group that will shower you with unconditional love.

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