It is not too late!

30 Jul 2022

How often do you hold yourself back from starting something new because you feel it is already too late?

Do not allow yourself to be held back by the thoughts that its already too late for you or that you are way behind others in terms of progress. You conceive this ill mentality that you are not going to make it given your circumstances. This is not so!

Sometime ago, a friend of mine was presented with an opportunity that could help him earn income but he paid less attention to it and ignored it. It turned out that overtime, his friend who had been presented with the same opportunity as he was had paid more attention and was earning from it. Seeing how well this opportunity had turned out for his friend, he realized that if he started out with him, he would have been earning too.

At that point, he felt it was too late to start but there was something he said that stuck with me "I can start now and still make it rather than dwell on the time I wasted."

Bottom line is this; if you get a second chance at an opportunity, do not let it go because you feel you are already behind. Those dreams, visions and plans are still valid and can work out. Whatever it is you couldn't achieve, you can start working towards it today. It is never too late to begin anew. There is always room to better ourselves rather than give in to quitting.

As for the update on my friend, with consistency and determination, he is doing better for himself now. Imagine if he had quit because he thought it was too late. Think positive thoughts henceforth!


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You can do it!
Obviously , we should focus on from where or which level we are in . Igonring somethings just because we aren't in early might regret us in later.
It's never too late. Until and unless we start
It is never too late.
It's never too late man