life as you know it

9 Jun 2022

its been some time since i have written anything, let me tell you something life was good when you didn't know anything, like whats happening in the world, what problem people faces when they get out to fight in real world , people have misconception about everything like everything will happen as they have thought it, but it ain't true, they create a bubble around their self , once that bubble bursts they get depressed ,the problem is they didn't know what to expect from life,, they see movies and tv series that every ending is happy ending they make same perception with their life, and then reality hits them , they start questioning themselves, their faith, now a days people believe everything they are learning from movies and tv series works in real life too, that's where their expectations gets hurt. they loose their self esteem.. that's when the real addiction towards drugs gets starts, because they like being away from reality , thats what drugs gives them,,,,,

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