1 Day Love...

23 Jan 2023

"Last night i was unable to sleep because of the excitement!! "

"It was the first day of my College..."

"The time I entered into college I saw that girl 'uma'...."

"She was something special to me..."

"May be this is called love at first sight"

" Until i saw that girl i never thought i would fall in love at first sight "

"Unfortunately those are the days of covid and we(students) went to college to write an exam for the first time"

"Again unfortunately i saw her sitting behind me..."

"My mind said 'WTF!!' being so nervous i never turned toward her and talk"

"I never had a proper conversation with a girl in my life that too a girl i fell for my first sight #introvert things... hahah "

"With all nervousness in the world i turned once toward her and asked for a pen..."

"My mind said what a dumb person are you..hahaha"

"Days gone but its just a one word talk between me and her"

"One fine day a friend of mine gave a fullstop to my story"

"he just made uma call me brother...#heart broken.."

"he then came to know that i have feelings for her.. now what he cant change past.."

"But he just destroyed my future too....how??"

"He went to her and said i like her...who in the world does that..."

"She ignored me after knowing this... and again me begging her to talk..."

"meanwhile i came to know she has a boyfriend... hahaha wtf does every girl does have a BF?"

"It all just started with a first sight crush to broken boys heart with goodness..."

"its just a love of 1day that made a boy never have same feelings for her or anyone till now. "

"sometimes i hate myself for having very strong emotions built man.."

"At the end... its a 1 Day Love"

Lesson : Never have strong feelings for someone you just saw.. it will be crushed hardly...

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