What if

26 Nov 2022

”What if I never ever saw you
What if you never ever called
What if I kept on singing love songs
Just to break my own fall
All my friends say I'm going to get better
Never loved no one fully
Always one feet on the ground
I aimed at protecting my heart truly
I failed”

I wrote this on the 19th of March 2018
I was in a bad place, I mean at that point I felt was in a bad place, but no truer words have been spoken, this is so relatable because this is the totality of how I feel 
Nobody truly understand because I’m me and I feel differently, I’m made differently and I’m wired differently.
The mistake I will make is to think people will resonate with me. At this point I don’t even care, whatever happens, how ever it’s construed in the future and how ever it ended, I take the blame. 

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