Influencers of modern times

15 Dec 2022

Back before the internet was a prominent thing people spent their time on each day, online influences were less common than they are in todays world. In todays world, being an influencer for almost anything seems to be happening, whether it be for the gym, motivation, dietary, sports etc. However lately I feel like it's been getting out of hand. One of the most prominent and serious categories in is the weightlifting/body building industry where we are seeing all of these influencers advertising their diets, training recommendations and all sorts of things they can use for their own branding. However some of these athletes are non-legitimate and are just advertising for the sake of clout/money and are really misleading people with what they are selling.

An example of this is with steroid use. Big body builders advertise their routine to get others to follow what they do, or buy into their products in hopes to obtain what these body builders are achieving whilst claiming to be natural are in fact getting a lot of their physique through the use of steroids. This type of information isn't particularly harmful in itself, however incredibly misleading and unethical to gain reputation and money through this method. It is the sad reality that as of more recent times a good portion of influencers are not out there to be a good strong example to the public, but instead are out there to try and chase fame, recognition or just make more money than what they deserve.

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