18 Oct 2022

When Love is no longer sweet & you don't walk away no matter how hard ..... it's either you're in denial or you're afraid of starting all over on your own ... my dear, you are joking with bondage of the mind,
it never ends well, either you die of physical abuse, emotional abuse or mental abuse or the three join together & that's hell on earth .Look, it's never to
late to run when you start seeing the signs forget about i struggled with him or her,because of my children, i thought he or she will change, what will people, you can never own or win a lost battle YOU'RE
JUST IN DENIAL you can't change anyone who has moved on from you, you've automatically become a pest & an enemy in their eyes..... please go read
about Narcissism, it is real... you can never win, if your partner has got a Narcissistic behavior you better run * while you're still in one piece, when you die, your kids, loved ones, family, friends & society will cry, eat, sleep, adjust & move on, it's a bitter truth but it's the
reality of life

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