6 Oct 2022

Honesty, politeness, and respect for other people are characteristics of a decent person.

Decency has historically been associated with manners, but today it primarily refers to a strong moral compass and a high bar for honesty. People presume criminals and dictators lack morality when they commit atrocious acts. Some people question if society has lost its sense of decency when a violent or offensive TV show gets popular. A serious inquiry is "Have you no decency?" unless the person is being stupid and complains about things like schoolwork.
Decency entails frugality and effectiveness.
Hephaestus had the decency to put up cameras and advertise me as entertainment, so at least he was honest about it.
thief of lightning
I won't put up with you berating this witness! Have you lost any sense of morality? One of the most admired men in this city is this one! And your inquiries are irrelevant.
local son
Lydia was unable to determine if that was due to a feeling of decency or the fact that their classmates had simply moved on after so much time.
The Dragon King
His voice has grown louder; it is slick, intimidating, and devoid of any semblance of decency.
A Flame in the Flames


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