A Fakir's Lesson

30 Sept 2022

Short Story

A fakir was sitting on the bank of the river. When a person passed by, he asked, what are you doing Baba?
The fakir said that I am waiting for the whole river to dry up so that I can cross it.
That person said how are you talking, Baba, "You will never be able to cross the river while waiting for all the water to dry up..?"

So that fakir said, "This is what I want to explain to the people that you people who always keep saying that once all the responsibilities of life are completed, then I should be happy, have fun, roam around, meet everyone, meet people. Do service, in the same way the water of the river will never run out and we have to make a way to cross the river itself.

One day our life will end but these responsibilities will never end. We have to take these responsibilities of our life with us and do everything that gives us happiness. We should never increase the burden of our responsibilities so much that only sorrow remains in life.

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