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14 May 2023

Shravan had just started. As usual, the sun-shadow had started. Even in 'Sahavas' there was greenery everywhere. The various flowers that some residents planted and nurtured with gusto had tapori flowers. In short, the area of 'Sahwas Vriddhasram' was decorated with natural beauty. In this way, the newly arrived 'she' was sitting on a wooden bench in the garden. Although both of them had voluntarily registered two days ago, both of them had given different names. So the possibility of both of them knowing each other was so unclear. That's why I as the director of 'Sahvas' always got a satisfaction from doing what was done for these two so that they don't feel alone when other new comers and after that procedure both of them sat quietly today.

Vasant Lele means that at the age of seventy-five one or two years back and forth, the age is on the head. A gentleman with a 'moon' in the middle and silver around, fair complexion with a morning shave, dark eyes, round frame glasses with gold rims, was sitting in a purple t-shirt, blue jeans. Vasantrao was accompanied by an all-over white saree, a creamy off-white half-sleeve blouse, a mogra gajra on her silver-covered hair, and round black-framed glasses. In the last couple of days of meetings, both of them had seen a complete satisfaction evident in even the slightest wrinkles on their faces, but at the same time, a kind of confusion was also evident, and therefore I did not know exactly what was going on in their minds. As they were strangers to each other, it seemed a little difficult for them to talk to each other. I was sitting on my chair, watching them back and forth from the front window, thinking how to remove the difficulty in their behavior. And then Vasantrao started talking, "You also like Mogra Gajra very much You mean too? Vasantrao realized that every woman in the world would like Mogra's Gajra" and the subject ended there. Again there was silence for a while. Just then, Oka, who was staying in room number 12, played loud classical music on his personal VCR player, which Hatta had taken from behind, while Jayamavashi quickly rushed to room number 12. What happens is that after working on posts like managers and retiring, some people get used to taking care of everyone, Oak is one of the older members, so someone has to keep an eye on them all the time. Anyway! After all this confusion was settled, it was realized that Vasantrao had got a topic to talk to. Taking subjects like music, drama, film, painting, etc., Gadi once moved to personal life. Vasantrao's life was very happy. He himself retired as a branch manager in a nationalized bank, the son became a software engineer and settled permanently in the USA. Ardhangini passed away from this world two years ago. First work in bank all day, then Brain He had come to Sahawas in search of 'companion' as he now wakes up to eat alone at home due to nursing his haemorrhaged wife. Even the life of Nashdai was happy like that. She retired after performing as a headmaster in 'Vidyaprabodhini'. The husband was retired from Maharashtra Life Authority. The girl got married and shifted to Canada. After suffering from paralysis for four years, Rashdai's paralysis was relieved two months ago. First a whole day going to school, classes; After that, the day-night cycle that was made for the husband, he was no longer alone in the house, hence the expectation of 'sahavasa' had climbed the steps of 'sahavasa'. All this was actually written by him in the form as well and so it was not important for me or the association to know it, but it was certainly important for us that in such a relaxed first meeting both of us were expressing ourselves without reservation. Basically, when you come voluntarily to the association, someone will take care of you, someone will take care of you, and you will meet someone of your age with whom you can open your mind. There was a purpose that could. For the same purpose, our citizens, that is, the elderly homeless people we used to call 'citizens of association', were divided into two groups, the male group and the female group, which also had internal groups; We, the board of directors, realized that there is a fierce competition among all these groups and perhaps we found a solution in the form of Vasantrao and Nashdai. Gradually, Vasantrao and Nashdai started coming on that bench every day, their friendship grew stronger. Sometimes they would listen to songs together, sometimes they would sing, sometimes Vasantrao would act as a dialogue in a play. Sometimes we went to the play and sometimes we went for a walk. Both were seen together even during the meal. Sometimes they would make each other laugh by telling the same jokes, sometimes they would just keep quiet, and sometimes they would cry with each other's support.

Such were the days. Basically now they started knowing many things about each other without words. We thought they were in love again, but both of them had memories with their previous partners so strong that they couldn't erase them even if they tried. But still An anonymous relationship beyond friendship was developing between them. But this relationship was built on the foundation of the previous relationship, that much is certain! Because when both of them were talking to each other, sometimes they would laugh and sometimes cry at the memory of their former partner. Sometimes the former partner would be found in the current partner, and sometimes the former partner would come back to Earth to meet them. But since the conversation between them was going on among themselves, those watching them from a distance thought that they were the hero-heroine of a regular haircut love story. At most, the car used to go till 'you there me'. All this is witnessed not only as the director of 'Sahwas' but also as an eyewitness. Because there was only an 8-foot corridor between the window of my cabin and the bench they both had. Earlier, I had deliberately set my table in front of that window, so that I could keep an eye on the outside. He was benefiting today. I watched the process closely as an anonymous relationship took root.

Vasantrao and Nashdai came to my cabin. "Come, come sit... What Vasantrao? in the cabin

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