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2 Nov 2022

the difference between boys and girls even in this life." Remembering the harmony of our parents last time, I said to my mother, "This Ishaan is like an angel to me!" When I get close to him, I get the strength of even ten elephants to fight." "Who else did you fight with now? What is going on in your house? Look, keep that Ishaan with me now. I will take care of him. Enough praise for my asthma! It's fine now. And you're going to keep a woman, right? So what's wrong with me?" I was shocked to hear my mother's words. I asked her in surprise, "Though your daughter-in-law tried so hard to get you to come and see Ishaan, you did not give up your stubbornness and now you will take care of her son?" "My daughter-in-law, don't say that. 

I never considered her as a daughter-in-law. I never even remember her name. I have nothing to do with the girl who ruined my son's life." "You said you weren't in a relationship, so the relationship is going to fall apart a little bit? The whole world knows that she was your son's wife. And what did she ruin your son's life? On the contrary, the days of glory were seen because of her. Death is in whose hands? Is she gone too? Luckily she was not driving the car when the accident happened. Otherwise you would have said that she did the accident on purpose. You have no name. What will you say!" "What has she done to you who is going to go! You appreciate her as one. Oh, the girl who killed mother and son How will Kelly survive without being punished? Mother's spirit is very bad woman! Never take it. I feel sad that my daughter also waited with her. And again what has been written in the fate of this son of his who knows!" "Mom, what are you talking about? How can you talk about people who have passed away? And indeed tell you that Enayat was very good natured. I also felt very supported by her. How many times she has taken care of Isha with love. Even when Appa had a heart attack, she helped so much." "I know everything! To keep her husband happy, she did such dramas! Where did true love come from? People like you are confused! Now it's fate to take care of her son!" "You don't even need to take care of her son! I am no! Why do we need your favors? Do you still think I will keep Ishaan with you even after knowing your feelings for Ena?" "You are amazing! Whatever you want to do, say it is your truth! I will take care of him as you are not getting support from your family If so, you turn your back on me?" There was no point in arguing with my mother. Her thoughts were single. How will it change my speaking, preaching? I picked up Ishaan who was sleeping and went straight to the rickshaw. Due to the constant tension in the house, the head started to throb. And seeing the mother's thoughts in it, it was the climax. So what is the point of keeping Ishaan with his mother in such a situation? The role of Ishaan's uncle is even more different! In our house there is a solid wall of opposition! Still, I wonder how I stood up for Ishaan against all of them. Until now, my relationship with constant compromise in our house!

 My habit of twisting my own mind for someone else every time! But now this time I am thinking more about my mind. Baby, where did I get this courage? For one thing, I was involved with Ishaan as he was my brother's son. Besides, I also grew up on the basis of my uncle. So I have a complete idea of how much this support is needed at such times. A bit like me giving a helping hand to an orphan means getting rid of my uncle's debt I should have an attitude of mind. Still, I am beginning to realize that it is the feeling of motherhood in me that overcomes all this. Esha was young, I was completely involved in her until she needed me completely. But as she gradually grew up, started going to school, her world also changed. Now she started enjoying other than me. She got even more loving mind at home and unknowingly started moving away from me. But the motherly love in me was still the same. So when Isha grew up, whenever I saw a small child anywhere, I would rush forward to pick him up. And that is why I think that in the past, a woman would have one child after another, but she would continue to nurture each child without tiring with love. It was a natural need for motherhood in her. Now we stop after one or two children and artificially close that need. Everyone should do this according to the situation. I did the same. But the femininity in me did not accept it. I started to feel this strongly when Ishaan came into the house. His need to be my mother began to satisfy my insatiable motherhood, and so did I Passionately drawn to Ishaan. Ishaan unknowingly became my baby and I loved him dearly. This feeling of longing that rose in my mind became overpowering. In fact, those tiny feet needed my support, but those feet also gave me the strength to stand boldly in front of everyone. Changed my world. Now I was completely convinced that no one would be able to take Ishaan away from me. Because now I am truly his mother. 

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