Learn to Ruthlessly Protect Your Interests. No One Will Protect Them For You

17 Apr 2024

Your boundaries are your bodyguards. They protect you from all sorts of ordeals, whether that be ordeals born out of love, people trying to push you over at work, or the ‘powers that be’ throwing all possible obstacles in your path.

Suffice to say, you will be tested many times in your life. What matters more is that you maintain your boundaries; that you make a concerted effort to protect your interests or else life will always get the better of you.

No one will protect your interests for you. That would be too kind. It is up to you to maintain your boundaries, to say ‘no’ to the things that will hurt you and to foresee the kind of harm that might be inflicted upon you.

If you fail to do this, you will be hurt and carried across burning coals. Worst still, there will come a point where you won’t even recognise who you are.

As Jay-Z explains in the context of fame:

“It’s about knowing who you are, and just doing what’s comfortable for you, and not letting people pull you in a thousand different directions. Because if you allow [it] . . . people will have you doing all kinds of stuff, but it has to make sense for you.”

Famous or not, you must focus on doing what’s comfortable for you, and no one else.

How, then, do you protect your interests in a world that is seemingly uncontrollable?

Seek control over your own mind. As a part of this, learn quite quickly what is in your control and what isn’t in your control. Do not seek to exert control over everything for you will soon find yourself being pulled in all different directions.

As Epictetus highlights:

“To achieve freedom and happiness, you need to grasp this basic truth: some things in life are under your control, and others are not.”

Focus on what is within your personal remit. Do not focus on ‘everything’ because you feel morally compelled to. No one but you can make this decision. From there, you can cultivate focus and peace.

And that is how you protect your interests.



We have never been so materially prosperous yet spiritually bankrupt. We see this everywhere: Ethnic conflict, egotistical behaviour, the complete abnegation of personal responsibility. It is hardly controversial to say that we have forgotten how to live well.

How can we be good people? How can we live a ‘good life’? What is a good life?

These are the questions I shall be answering in my next five letters 'on life'. This is the third of five letters to come on this topic.

Be sure to drop a comment below! I'd love to know what you think... or if my view on things is wrong.

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