30 Sept 2022

What will you define hate as? I define hate as a very intense level of hostility against someone or something. In this article I'm going to be talking about hate towards our fellow humans. 

When you hate someone there's no doubt that thoughts of you doing horrible things to that person is inevitable. Anytime you see said person, your heart pumps faster you develop aggression at that instance. There's a lot of things that anger does to us that we don't notice. Holding a grudge against someone actually hurts you more than it hurts whoever you are holding a grudge against. Said person could be living their best life and you are just there hating and being so mad that your heart rate goes up like you've just gone for a run. There's an illustration my dad made once about holding grudges, he said " the human heart is like the engine of a car when you put oil, water and other necessary things it works fine but if you put iron fillings or a full steel in it, it'll destroy the engine. The same goes for the heart, if you nourish your heart with love it'll be as healthy as possible but if you fill it up with hate you may have a heart attack" .
Love more hate less. 

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