My close friend

11 Oct 2022

Hiiiii iam Cronix and my best friend is Vishal (crypto boy) he and me are close friends form six months ago ,the most important thing in our friendship is we are not Jude each other by any content like other guys friendship that's why we are close friends. 
        Vishal (crypto boy) and me are so close because so many more things I can't explain but I can  first is he help me whenever I need he like my brother he such a good friend   can't explain about Vishal he did a lot for me  iam worthy but I can did small things for he ,we close from cricket Vishal (crypto boy) mad for cricket he played Very well he but he and angry whenever any other player not play like he want I mean player not playing seriously and support he whenever want he needs my helps . Vishal ( crypto boy) his best friend is I don't know who is but my best friend is Vishal ( crypto boy) we are laughing , playing cricket and chees and so many sports activities like playing cricket, playing chess player business such awesome sports, I am so lucky I have best friend like Vishal crypto boy he such good friend he have no any other bad thing he not a single touch any thing like a smoking and drinking and Very very clear about his work he want eat anything like chicken mutton ,veg and non veg but his most favourite dish is chicken biryani he eat weakly in week 3 or 4 times but he wants one thing more cold drink chicken biryani with cold drink such a amezing combination but sometime we online order some food like veg and non veg bi this month our most of the order is burgr's we like eat burgerr's iam veg but he non veg so he ordered chicken burger most of the time and iam ordered a normal veg crispy burger I have done in this one burger . I am talking about our one days experience about we are going a such amezing place unfortunately we decided but now on this time our plan is so successful we are creating such a beautiful memories no any other friends do like what we do in this place we swimming SW played cricket we are gonna ride I can do anything for Vishal (crypto boy)  he is my best friend...

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