Broken Glass....

28 Jan 2023

I(my self) had many phases in my life. i never thought i would got to gym very effectively and do things effetively everyday and stay fit.The story actually starts from my child hood. My every day would be just wake up, take bath,go to school and come back home. I have no shame on my body. I was always happy who i am.

I know that people are looking at me and do body shame at me. But i never thought i am fat and everything goes well. i had surpassed my 10th and also mid graduation with no shame of body. Ignoring all the people who do shame me and live their lives happy for some minutes of happiness.

You know people are so obsessed for knowing other people things and laughing at others and making jokes on others make them happy. But they never care about what that person feel. People have turned so cruel and they stopped understanding feelings of other people.

i had faced the same things in my life.i never had a real friend and i felt lost and i went into depression at a point. but when i joined my engineering and go to college i faced a rejection by a girl which made me more motivated and more motivated. then i started my gym and i juat feel very proud that i shutted all poeple mouths.

Things You Do Make people fell in depression so please Be cautious and dont make jokes on people,s body/dressing/character.

Thank you for reading my blog.

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