A day in my life

14 Dec 2022

I start my day with woking up at 8:30 am then i get ready for my college, I fresh up and eat breakfast and dress well and ready. My class starts at 9:00 am and i go from my home to college at 9:00 am , it takes me about half an hour to reach college so i reaches college by 9:30 and attend the class to 1:00 pm then my lunch starts at 1:00 pm so i go with my friend to hostel and their i get my lunch( lunch in hostel is not allowed to me but my friend manages to get it for me 😁. Then at 2:00 pm our lab classes starts so everybody go late in classes like they reachs at 2:30 or 2:45, sometimes students reach the class when class is about to end. Then we do some experiment and teacher takes attendence at 4:00 pm then we all leave the class. Then i drop my friend to his hostel and leave to home, then after reaching home i change my clothes and go for playing cricket for about 2 hours we play cricket with friends. After playing cricket we all do some funny talks and discusses about anything about any topic randomly.
Then for 6:30 i leave for the gym. In gym i do some workout for about one hour . Then to 7:30 or sometime 7:45 i leave for home then before reaching home i eat some post workout meal like eating some eggs. The. After reaching home i some work on my mobile phone like joining some airdrop, watching movie or YouTube then i take my dinner at 9:30 pm. Then go to bed after taking my dinner and again starts watching YouTube and joining airdrops for some income source . After doing all these i go to sleep at 1:00 am or sometime if i am watching movie or web series it might become some long to go to sleep . Then again next day same process.
Repeat eat sleep again repeat 😂.


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