My Grandmother.

20 Jul 2022

My grandmother was                    a religious woman and she loves to participate in every religious program.
my family love grandmother very much and take very good care of her. 
Like everyone's life mother, her grandmother's mother has a lot of importance in life. Grandmother is a loving sweetness in the same way as mother gives a feeling of soft shadow. The child who gets the love of grandmother in his life understands its importance.
My grandmother always worries about small things and prays for the happiness of the family. She explains to all of us children the difference between good and bad. My grandmother tells us many stories during the night.

I miss you very much, Grandma
Where is my dear grandmother lost.

When she grew up with the elders and Used to become small with small
I used to play when in my courtyard, grandma's baby
I still remember.
I heard great poets and storytellers, But grandmother's stories
I still remember.

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Grandmother is a strong minded woman. She takes all the decisions of the house after discussing with the rest of the elders of the house. She is always busy with her work. The foundation of the family is my grandmother.
The life we spent with grandmother listening to those old stories are too good and I am missing it to much. The Grandma always supportys and be in our favour no matter what. Grandmother mostly teaches us how to behave in society. They care of children as much as parents if they are in joint family. So, Grandmother is also our teacher. A love always for my Grandmother. It's nice to see these topics in Bulb.
My grandmother is the busiest member of the family. He is the most important wheel of the family vehicle. She is the kind of woman who takes care of the children. She is a religious woman. Soon after getting up before dawn, she takes a bath and gets absorbed in prayer. She reads the holy books and while sitting in front of the temple recite in a song manner which she has set up in the house.
i also missing my grandmother so much