Most of the truly outstanding people are not very gregarious

9 Sept 2023

Really good people are usually not sociable, they are different from ordinary people in some way.

Pursue excellence and independent thinking

Truly outstanding people often pursue excellence. They have their own goals and pursuits and will not follow the crowd.

They may have their own unique ways of thinking and opinions and are unwilling to be bound by traditional concepts or mainstream thinking.

This characteristic of independent thinking and action makes them stand out from the group and makes it difficult for them to integrate.

High standards and demanding requirements

Really good people usually have high standards and demanding requirements for themselves and the environment around them.

They strive for excellence and are not content with mediocrity or average.

This requirement makes them rarely satisfied with the status quo, and they may focus more on their own personal growth and development rather than meeting the expectations of others.

This characteristic may cause them to distance themselves from ordinary people and make them less gregarious.

Unique interests and hobbies

Really good people often have a strong passion for unique interests and hobbies.

They may devote considerable time and energy to pursuing their own areas of interest rather than pursuing common hobbies or recreational activities with others.

This characteristic may cause them to feel less aligned with the interests of others in social situations, leading to a feeling of being less gregarious.


Really good people are usually not gregarious because they pursue excellence, think independently, have high standards and demanding requirements, and have unique interests and hobbies.

These characteristics make them different from ordinary people. In social situations, they may feel inconsistent with the interests and behaviors of others, resulting in a feeling of being less gregarious.

However, we need to realize that everyone has their own unique personality and values, and a person's excellence should not be judged solely by whether he or she is gregarious.

When dealing with truly good people, we should try to understand their way of thinking and pursuits, and respect their personal choices and independence.

At the same time, you should also keep an open mind, establish connections and interact with different types of people, and gain a broader perspective and experience.

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It's interesting to consider how the pursuit of excellence and independent thinking can sometimes lead to reduced sociability. However, it's essential to recognize that both sociability and individualism have their roles in shaping a diverse and dynamic society.
People who are smart and knowledgable don't put it out there that much