Argetina vs Estonia

6 Jun 2022

The friendly match between Argetina and Estonia has been concluded. The match was easily won by Argentina by 5-0. All the goals were scored by captain Lionel Messi . With this goal, he has made many records in football. 

First of all , Argentina in FIFA is fourth ranked while the Estonia is 110th rank. It's first time for lionel Messi to play aganist the European team ranked below 100. With his opening goal in eight minute in penalty ,he scored another in 45' before halves begins. Then he scored three more goals in second half at 47' , 71' and 76' . The few records broken by him are : 
1) He become the first player ever to score 5 goals in both club football and international football.
2)He surpasses the record of goals scored by Pele.
3) He becomes the fourth men to score more goals for country in international football.

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