Fateful events

20 Jul 2022

We are all familiar with terms like 'fate' and 'destiny' but what do they really mean to us? Well first of all, we have to think whether or not the concept of fate or destiny exists. The general definition of fate is an event or occurrence that happens outside of a persons control, almost in a supernatural sense. A very simple example of something that can be considered as 'fate' may be something like walking by along the street and suddenly falling over, and someone comes to help you because they noticed you fell, you thank them and they offer to walk with you to your car, and along the way you two chat and are fond of each other, so you get their number, meet again and sooner than you know it you two are dating! All of this taking place simply because you fell over, and it led to this chain of events. 

Now the real question is, is fate a thing? Some people do and don't believe in the concept of faith. I personally do and don't to an extent. I don't believe there is some mystical or otherworldly power that shapes everyone's lives in such a way that all events are predetermined and inevitably. I do believe in ones self changing their own fate. However, what I do believe in is all actions happening for a reason, and it all having an impact for the future. When an unfortunate situation leads to a fortunate one, one could say that it was fated to have a good outcome. Where I believe that is true, I more firmly believe that one incident that has a negative outcome will lead to a more meaningful and positive outcome down the line. 

So in conclusion, while I don't believe in the concept of fate itself, I am a firm believer that all events in life happen for a reason, and the chain of events that can spark from a mere tripping over in public is something very real, and is impressive to look upon. 

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