The Beautiful and Generous Girl

23 May 2024

Gula-gula berbentuk kapas pemberian dari nona cantik. (dok. pribadi)

She is a good-looking girl, wears glasses and a light brown hijab, and matches the suit and pants she wears. Her smile was sweet and quite tall, and I looked as she handed two bills to the cotton candy seller.

I looked at it while muttering.... hmmmm!, but soon I turned and looked at the cotton candy hanging under the big umbrella that sheltered the seller. I chose white cotton candy while handing two bills to the seller and took the white cotton candy.

When I was about to leave, I saw the beautiful lady earlier, it was already standing on the side of the road that was close to where I was. As if to cross, but how come his eyes and smile are fixed on me? I was silent and unexpectedly the lady walked toward me and handed over the cotton candy she bought earlier and said, "Sir, this is for your child at home!". Seeing a sincere and soothing smile, I gladly accept his gift while smiling and saying thank you. (hpx)


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