The world only watches spectacle.

30 Sept 2022

Short Inspirational Story

Once there was a fire in the house and everyone started trying to extinguish the fire. There was also a bird's nest in that house, so those birds also kept filling water in their beak and kept throwing it in the fire. She would repeatedly bring water and put it in the fire. A crow was watching this and he said to the bird, "Hey madman, no matter how hard you try, this fire will not be put out by your extinguishing." So the birds said to him, "I know, my extinguisher will not put out the fire, but whenever this fire is mentioned, I will be counted among those who put out and you will be counted among those who watch the spectacle."

There are many people in our life who prefer not to work hard but to see the spectacle of our defeat. It is not very difficult to recognize such people, they are the same people who taunt you on the matter. These people always discourage you, so always keep yourself away from such people and remember that you can do a lot alone, just believe in yourself.


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