Gambling God - Part 5

19 Oct 2022

This is a thriller story continue from Part 4…

Mr Lightning Hand was battered by his illusions and he killed himself with Pluto’s pistol, before he died a swift thought zoomed pass his brain that he realized he should have won, he yelled out his son’s name ‘Mickey…….’as a call to seek revenge for him.

The pit boss checked the total score on the chest, it was 6, 5, 5 Mr Lightning Hand should have won, but according the Macau gambling rules, a player that died in an accidental death during the game the surviving player wins, the pit boss announced Pluto the winner of the match.

Pluto appeared exhausted with casting his mind power to bend down Mr Lightning Hand’s will with hypnotizing glare, Tweety came into the private room to escort her father out……..

1 week later……

There was Mickey sitting inside the funeral parlor greeting family members and friends who came to pay respect for his father Mr Lightning Hand. However, the thinking that dominated Mickey’s head was how to set up a plan to beat Pluto for vengeance.

Mickey is a 30 year old handsome man of 6 foot stature. He always had his hair brushed back with glossy gel. He wears a gold ring on his right pinkie. He only acquired 30% of his father’s gambling skills, but he is a gifted talent on deceptions and strategy. He has many experiences in setting up deceptions and scams to cheat businessmen. His record was cheating a wealthy businessman 5 million US dollars. The scams often involve setting up a business meeting in lavish private rooms with pretty women and drinks, then the victim is lured to play poker for real money, the game often starts with the victim winning first then bankrupted them at the end with sleight of hand.  

Mickey is planning to set up Pluto, first he has to do all the background checks on Pluto, He started with the Pit boss who supervised the match between his father and Pluto……

3 months later……

Pluto accepted Mickey’s invitation for a gambling match to settle their grievances. As usual Pluto allow Mickey to choose the game of his strength-poker but the venue must be his office which located at a penthouse apartment in Taipa Macau. Security services was provided by an underworld boss Mr Ho to make sure both parties’ body guards were not allowed into the building.

Mickey arrived at the venue and he was let inside alone. As he was walking alone along the corridor to the penthouse entrance he saw the display of human parts in chemical jars, all the jars contain eyes and hands, each jar is sealed in a glass box with a name plate underneath. He thought Pluto displayed this intimidating him panicky.

The pit boss greeted him at the entrance door and led him to a function room with a board room table with green cloth on top. Pluto was already waiting at one end of the table.

Mickey sat down in synchronised fashion with Pluto slowly with a stare down contest. They have not much to say as they were there to kill each other basically.

The Pit boss announced the game to be Macau style poker named “show hand” (kind of like Stud poker) which each player is dealt with 5 cards with one card face down the following four cards face up. The bet size is 1 million US dollars cash.

The pit boss opened a deck of cards and have them all face up to reveal it is a full deck of all suits, Pluto and Mickey examined them and agreed before the pit boss turned them face down and started mixing them with two palms. While Mickey focus on tracking the picture cards and Tens Pluto continue to gaze at Mickey’s eyes. Mickey’s saw Pluto’s seductive eyesight and started to lose little cognition……..He forced himself to focus to realize the setup he planned for months to beat Pluto.

Pluto was glad about the hypnotising result so far, after all Mickey was younger and have less experience then his father………….

These are the hands dealt by the Pit Boss to both parties.

Mickey: Ace of Hearts, Ace of Diamonds, Ace of Clubs, 2 of Diamonds, face down card

Pluto: King of Diamonds, King of Spades, King of Clubs, 3 of Clubs, face down card

The pit boss was like ‘what the heck’

The intensity grew after a series of calls and raise bets, the pile of cash in front of the two men was now worth 1.4 million USD dollars in stacks of $100 note.

Pluto said ‘Show hand’ and pushed the remaining $US300,000 to the centre pile.

Mickey took a peek at the face down card again, he was excited to see it was the Ace of Spades but remained calm. He has the biggest four of a kind in the deck (four Aces). He would be the winner no matter what Pluto has on the face down card.

Mickey twisted his gold ring on his right pinkie with his left thumb and said emotionlessly ‘follow’ and pushed the remaining $US300,000 to the centre pile of cash.

Pluto smirked but continued to gazed at Mickey’s eyes ‘Do you want to raise the bet size?’ ‘Let’s bet our lives on this game as well’ He pull out a pistol and put it on the pot.

Mickey’s glared at the elusive Pluto, again the illusive temptation caused him to say ‘follow’

Pit boss wrote down the new bet on a piece of paper and had both players signed their names and then put it on the centre pot.

Pit boss yelled ‘show hand’

Mickey flipped open the Ace of Spades and yelled ‘you lost’

Pluto sneered and flip over his King of Hearts ‘No..No..No I won, I have four Kings, you have full house…..full house…….’ ‘You lost your life, Why don’t you kill yourself…..kill yourself….kill yourself’

Mickey has prepared this moment, he closed his eyes immediately then put his right hand into his jacket and press a device he inserted earlier, it sets off a fire cracker he strapped on a stack of cash. It exploded and created a flash of intensive light.

The flash blinded Pluto momentarily and caused him pain that he has to massage his eyes with both of his hands.

The Pit boss announced ‘Mickey won with four Aces’ Pluto lost with four Kings’

Mickey face was flushed with excitement that the set up went according to his plan. Pluto now need to committed suicide for the bet.

Pluto was surprisingly a man of honour, he accepted the defeat and said ‘I will pull the trigger here, you people must leave this room first’

Mickey thought that’s a dignified request after all Pluto has been an underworld boss.

Mickey motioned the Pit boss to leave the room and close the door to leave Pluto behind alone for the suicide.

After 2 minutes of silence Mickey was impatient and open the door to take a peek inside the room. There was no Pluto in presence. He vanished in the thin air…. to be continued after a few comments.

Mickey and the Pit boss went inside to check, they quickly discovered a cabinet was moved, behind there was a tunnel leading to the fire staircase. Son of the gun, Pluto had escaped….to be continued............  

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