Reminder : When men enter middle age, if these 4 behaviors continue to be performed

28 Jan 2023

After many male reach middle age, they will feel that their bodies are getting worse and worse, and they feel lack of energy every day.

Why is this? In fact, after a person reaches middle age, the functions of various organs in the body begin to decline.

1. Sedentary

Nowadays, a lot of work is done sitting , so many male friends will sit in the office for a long time for work. Over time, some undesirable consequences may occur, such as lumbar disc herniation, hemorrhoids, and blood clots.

Therefore, it is recommended that male friends get up and exercise after sitting for a period of time to promote blood circulation and help maintain good health.

2. Hold urine

I believe that many people have had the experience of holding back urine. For example, when driving on the highway, it takes a few hours to drive. If you want to go to the toilet while driving, you will usually hold back, but if you often hold back your urine, you will Cause physical problems.

This is mainly because the urine contains a certain amount of toxins. Holding the urine for a long time will cause the toxins and garbage in the body to be unable to be eliminated from the body in time. In severe cases, kidney damage may even occur. Circumstances, it is recommended that everyone try not to hold back urine unless necessary.

3. Heavy drinking and smoking

For some middle-aged people, if they develop the habit of smoking, it will cause great harm to the body over a long period of time, because there are many harmful substances in cigarettes, such as nicotine and carbon monoxide, which are harmful to the human body. The lungs and respiratory tract cause irreversible damage and may even increase the incidence of lung cancer.

In addition, excessive intake of alcohol can also cause harm to the body.

This is mainly due to the strong stimulating effect of alcohol, too much one-time intake will damage the stomach. The damage caused by alcohol to the liver is mainly due to the increase in transaminase in the body due to excessive drinking, which damages the liver, which has an adverse effect on the body.

In addition, heavy drinking may also lead to lower blood pressure. In severe cases, shock may even occur. Therefore, it is recommended that friends need to pay more attention in daily life and drink as little as possible.

4. Stay up late

In order to earn more money, many people often work overtime, or even stay up until two or three o’clock in the evening. According to research, if you stay up late, your body’s overdraft will increase and your body energy will decrease.

Also, staying awake for a long time will also cause the body's immunity to drop. In severe cases, endocrine disorders may even occur, and various diseases are prone to occur at this time.

In addition, people need to pay more attention to exercise when they reach middle age.

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