Life of CZ- Summary

20 Jul 2022
This story isn't about Crypto or Money, it is about conviction.

A lot of us would have known who CZ is, He is the founder and CEO of the Binance Exchange.

CZ was born in China and grew up in Vancouver, Canada and now lives in Dubai. 

Back in 2013, CZ was at a Poker table playing with some friends, when one of them asked the question 'Have you heard about the Bitcoin'.Just like everyone of Us at some point, CZ at that Moment didn't know about BITCOIN.

He then thought to Himself, "What is Bitcoin". He was fascinated by what His friends said, which was- 'Bitcoin is the Money of the Internet'.

Well, unlike some of US that would ignore a new terminology we come across, CZ didn't, HE wanted to learn about Bitcoin and Understand it. He took the bold step to download the whitepaper of Bitcoin and read every detail in it.

After a few month, CZ became so convinced that Bitcoin was going to do so well that HE sold His entire apartment and invested in Bitcoin, which was approximately $1M.

At that point, His friends thought HE was crazy, He quit His job and that made Him jobless and Homeless. Unfortunately, 2 months later, Bitcoin crashed by 70%, and CZ lost approximately $700,000.

At that point, His Mom called Him a stupid kid, for wasting so much money. CZ isolated Himself and studied Blockchain technology for 5 years.

CZ started a Crypto Exchange called Binance, which as we would all know has blown up. CZ was expecting Binance to be amongst the top 10 exchanges in 10 years, but it ended up being number 1 in 6 Months. 

According to CZ, He doesn't focus on the Money, but instead He focuses on Building a product everyone can use.

CZ is the richest crypto guy in the world, but HE livs a simple and humble life, with no fancy clothes or cars, and intends to donate His wealth to Charity.

Hopefully, we learn from CZ.

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