Why Do Bad Things Happen to Good People?

9 Oct 2022

A lot of people who believe they are good and somewhat righteous people often question the universe or God for allowing bad things to happen to them. Most people  believe in karma and the philosophy that what ever you do, same will be done unto you. This makes them puzzled when despite the fact that they only do good, they seem to be victims of one tragedy or the other. They begin to draw meaning from the proverb that says "No good deed goes unpunished".

Although it is hard to understand and accept sometimes bad things happen for a good reason. It might be so that we realize our strengths and potential and come out of it as better people, and thereby gain meaningful experience in life. Bad things also happen as consequences for our actions and decisions or ignorance and it makes us the more wiser. Sometimes we are just collateral damage as the troubles we face are the results of the actions or inactions of others. Also, the mere fact that we are humans puts us in the line  of troubles in the way of natural disasters. 

Whatever way trouble or trials reach you, what matters most is your attitude and ability to weather the challenges and how you manage the situation and play with the cards you are dealt. Franklin D. Roosevelt once said that "a smooth sea never made a good sailor", so you must face whatever challenges come your way and see them as tests that will enable you move on to be a better version of  yourself.

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