Hakra Civilization and Pattan Minara.

30 Nov 2023

Human history begins with prophet Adam (R.A) on this earth and it was very small settlement at beginning. The time passed and the rule of Pharaohs arrived when we witnessed some big settlement with disciplined construction seen in history. 5000 BC was a era in history when people created new settlements in different parts of the world especially near big flowing water resources.

The earliest civilised settlements we can found in Chichen Itza of Mexico, Mohenjo-Daro of Pakistan and Babylon of Iraq. One thing was common in all these populations that situates on or near riverside. Water is life and it was essential part of those days when travelling, carriage and transportation were not in fashion normally. Also river water uses for agriculture, cattles and for human as well.

Hakra civilization.
Hakra civilization born from the lap of Hakra River where delta of river was feeding its both Banks. The Hakra River was originated from Himachal Pradesh ( India) and it was 1800 KM long. It ends on Runh Of Kutch area near Arabian Sea. The route of the river was exactly on border of current Pakistan - India international borders. Cholistsn ( pak) , Thar( both sides) , Jasilmir ( India) and BhitShah ( Pak) were it's passway. This belt is totally covered by huge desert now.
Hakra River dried up now in most parts and have only signs of ruin which telling the story of rich history of that civilization. When river dried up due to climate changes, populations also destroyed abd People migrated to other parts. Harrapa ( Sahiwal) , Pattan Minara ( Rahimyar Khan) , Mohenjo-Daro ( Thattae) were biggest populations in Hakra civilization ( in Pakistan side). If we visit any of museum of these sites, we will be surprised by witnessing the coins, hand made pots , agricultural tools and handy crafts.

I visited two of these sites and found Amazing water storage resources, water supply tanks, streets , sanitation system and lightening houses. They were educated, skilled and architects of their time. Buddha religion was in peak and religious centers were operational as well. The speciality of the rulers was to built forts, lightening houses and weaponry military for protection.

Pattan Minara.
(author of article standing in yard of lightening house of Pattan Minara)
Pattan Minara was a well populated territory where Noshehra was capital. The great Alexander stayed here on his way to India. This city was on his adulthood 5000 ago in around 250 BC. It is just 7 km away in south from Current city of Rahim yar khan. The official language of the population was sansikrat. In sansikrat Pattan means river Bank and Minara stands for lightening house. This lightening house built in 250 BC in Buddhist monarchy and it was 7 story tall ( almost 31 metres). It used to keep light on each floor which gives guide to travelers , trade conveyancing and helps to keep eye on any movement by enemies.

There are other structures also available near that lightening house like fort , mosque and water tunnel in the area which are giving true picture of that civilization.
The City was in 2Km square area on the bank of Hakra and some rural settlements were around in 5 km. The only one road has some signs now which goes to East towards Fort Darawarr (Bahawalpur ) and pass through Kangan Pur head ( Kasur) and cross the border to Indian territory and in west side it has some signs towards Kot Daiji , Umer Kot and Mohenjo-Daro. It means that civilization was connected by road.
Pattan Minara has great attractions for tourists, history students, archeological intresed people and geographic researchers.

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