The snake

29 Oct 2022

A farmer lived in a village. He had four sons. The younger boy was the fairest and handsomest. In the morning Dhorle brothers go to work and sit in the house with the younger brothers-in-law. Once the younger one said, 'I am also coming to the farm with you today. If the elder brother is heartbroken, he should not work. Throughout his life he should play and have fun to his heart's content, but not listen to the younger. Finally the brothers said yes to him.

Then the younger one took the paddy pen to the field for the stolen brothers. Seeing him coming, the elder brothers felt somehow. The younger Peja placed the pot near his brother and went to the river to fetch them water. He went down into the river. There the water was waist deep. Unfortunately for him, a snake in the water bit his neck and he couldn't come out. The boy was scared. He wrapped the dhoti properly and in that condition ran to fetch water for his brother. Seeing his condition, the brothers were also very scared. He told his brothers what had happened and started crying. Then it started to stay. Then they took hold of the snake's tail and tied it to the ploughshare and pulled the snake very hard. However, the snake did not leave anything unscathed. The snake got excited and dragged the boy away into the forest. No one could stop him. There was a bori tree in the forest. Seeing this, the boy thought of something and said to the snake, 'Give me some time. I will eat some sacks' the snake heard the boy and released the noose around his neck. With that, the boy climbed the tree and started eating sackcloth, but no sooner had he finished eating, the same snake again entered his neck and dragged the boy away with Vrinda.

There was a purple tree in Vrindavan. After walking around, the child wanted to eat purple. When he begged the snake, the snake again left him for a while. The boy climbed on the purple. The snake took off its cloak and sat under the tree. The purple was ripe. It was sweet. However, the child may not want to eat it. He was mad with grief. Many monkeys were sitting on the tree. He asked the boy, "Why don't you eat purple?" The boy burst into tears and told the monkeys the truth about the snake. The leader of the monkeys took pity on the boy. Then he brought a sura and cut the snake into pieces. The boy was deeply grateful. He said, 'You have brought me out of great distress. I will serve you all my life.' For a whole year the boy stayed with the leader of the monkeys, the leader of the monkeys was pleased with him. He said, 'I will take you to your brothers.' The boy said, 'Give me the form of a monkey.' He hooked the boy like that. Then as the monkey boy started to go, the kind leader said to him, 'If any trouble befalls you, remember Marutiraya and I will know and your trouble will be removed.' Then the monkey boy started to go home. On the way he met an old woman. He went to her and said, 'Grandma, I have a few days Do you keep it?' The old woman said, 'Father, I feed myself by begging, I get only a handful of food every day. But I will take care of you with love.'

The king of that village had a daughter. She could not find a husband of her choice. Finally her father announced that all the young men who wanted a princess should gather in the palace courtyard on a fixed day. Her marriage to the one on whose neck the garland thrown by the princess falls will be The monkey boy said to the old woman, 'Grandma, I feel royal. So let me go. 'She will not marry you. go Don't,' said the old woman. Yet he went and hid behind a pile of dried gourds, Thrice the princess threw the ball and thrice it fell in the place where the monkey son was hiding. Seeing the fate of the girl, the king was disgusted. He asked them to dig up the dung, but before the clowns could dig up, the monkey boy came out, 'Whose nose is this?' asked the king. "My lord, this is my monkey," said the old woman. Then the king gave the girl a bed and an empty hearth and sent her out with the monkey, saying, 'If he had been a man, I would have given him my kingdom.' Then the monkey boy and the princess stayed in the old woman's house. At night, the monkey boy would take off the monkey's skin and go round the palace courtyard. In the morning he returned home as a monkey 'Who is my yard riding my horse and walking at night? The king asked everyone and asked his men to guard. Vilkha T servant Matra hota took off his robe and saw him riding the king's horse in the form of a young man. After walking around, this time, however, he The servant told the king what had happened, but the king did not think it was true. He called the soldier and told him, Hele. tour 'Go, see what my daughter is doing come on" Here the young man was sleeping. His legs came out of the cover was When the soldier saw those beautiful feet, he was very surprised. He came to the palace and said, 'My lord, the soles of your son-in-law's feet are as tender as yours.' Then the king himself went to the old woman's house and saw with his own eyes how handsome his son-in-law was. Then he led a great procession to the palace of Javaya and his daughter And his wedding ceremony was celebrated with great pomp. While the younger brother was happy like this, his three brothers ran away from poverty and started searching for land. So they came to this state in search of work and began to feed their families by chopping wood. He did not recognize his brother, but his younger brother recognized him. He called them into the palace, 'Where are you from?' He asked that. He said, 'Since our dear brother was caught by a snake, our fate has been broken. All kinds of calamities befell us. We were eating our brother's fortune. ' Then the younger brother told them who he was. The brothers were very happy to hear that. Then all four of them.. brothers started living together with Gunya Govinda. 

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I'm traumatized by the word snake. Since my infancy